This project aimed to contribute to catchment stabilisation, biodiversity and water quality improvement in the lower Boorowa River / Hovell’s Creek area at Graham, NSW, through on-ground landcare activity on eight member properties group learning. The group undertook the project because members believed that ‘their’ erosion/water quality problems did not start nor stop at the farm gate and a group approach was needed if the problems are to be rectified. Members also believed they could benefit significantly from sharing technical advice and each other’s experience.

Under this project, members erected fencing to control stock access to 2.5km of waterway and to protect 45 ha of remnant vegetation. 4,000 native trees and shrubs were planted to link areas of remnant vegetation. It also addressed 3.8km streambank and gully erosion along Hovells Creek, through control of grazing control, erosion control measures and re-establishment of perennial vegetation. Members visited each of the project sites to raise their knowledge and skills in conservation management.

The project was funded through a $29,943 Federal Government National Heritage Trust Grant plus cash and in-kind contributions from participating landholders an neighbours valued at $65,077.