The Riverslea TSR is a 11.5 hectare area at the junction of Frogmore Road and Darbys Falls Road at Wyangala used by local farmers but now days infrequently for travelling livestock. Under its charter, the then Lachlan LHPA, was required to protect or enhance the biodiversity and native vegetation on all TSR’s under its control. In the case of the Riverslea TSR, it was considered that enhancement of native vegetation was required. At the commencement of this project in 2011, there were only 12 trees on the reserve.

Hovells Creek Landcare undertook to coordinate restoration of vegetation on a 2 hectare area of the reserve in collaboration with the Lachlan LHPA who undertook site preparation including fencing, weed control and double ripping of the intended tree lines, the Lachlan CMA who provided funding for trees and fencing materials, students of the Wyangala Public School and adjoining landholders. The planting program was designed for two separate sections along the western and the eastern boundaries. The existing vegetation connects both treelots.

Students of the local Wyangala Public School with support from HCLG members undertook the planting program in July / August 2013. In total, 425 trees / shrubs were planted at approximately 50% trees and 50% shrubs. Species selected were known to exist locally and were planted with consideration for the plants wet or dry soil preferences. After a dry spring and a long hot and dry summer (2013/14) a survival rate of 90% was noted.

HCLG has continued to undertake weed control, with a knockdown spray undertaken in December 2013, and another knockdown handspray around the plants planned for August 2014. Tree guards will be removed when the plants are large enough.

This project was funded through a $3,423 grant from the former Lachlan Catchment Management Authority, the erection of fencing by the former Lachlan Livestock Health and Pest Management Authority, both of which are now units within NSW Local Land Services, site preparation and follow up management by members of Hovells Creek Landcare and tree planting by staff and students of the Wyangala State School.