This project was part of a long-term integrated management program for weeds of local, regional and national significance, in collaboration with the Southern Slopes Noxious Plants Authority (a consortium of four local government Councils) and landholders. We had some success with biocontrol of St John’s Wort, less so with biocontrol of Blackberries (see Past Projects). We had more success with Horehound, Blue thistle and Paterson’s Curse.

A great challenge and a focus of this project was to engage with absentee landholders and to assist them in the responsible management of their predominantly small landholdings (this is not a challenge confined to our region!). Through this project HCLG worked with Boorowa Council / SSNPA and South East Local Land Services (who have access to the NSW ratepayer database) to make direct and indirect contact with this group of landholders.

The establishment of weed bio-control nurseries on private landholdings and the integrated weed management component of this project have had both private and public costs / benefits. Collaborating landholders provide benefits for their neighbours, regional public landholders and the broader community generally for which they will not expect or get compensation.

This project was funded in part through the GERI-K2W Community Grants Program.