By John and Liz Baker, ‘Old Graham’

The L shaped regeneration site on boundary of land owned by neighbours the Bakers and the Gays was fenced in December 2001. Six rows rows 4m apart were ripped in late summer, making the proposed enclosure 22m wide. With advice and encouragement from the regional CMA Landcare Support Officer Belinda Shannon, a mix of 1/3 trees and 2/3 shrubs totalling 530 tubestock, all local species, were chosen. This was an attempt to replicate local bushland.

Planting took place in autumn 2002 using milk carton guards and 2 bamboo stakes. Drought conditions meant that only 50% survived. Extra funding for new plants was sourced and replanting took place in autumn 2003. Then in 2004, extra tubestock of a couple of species that had not been included in the original planting were sourced and planted in some of the spaces.