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Pest Animal Workshop 19/05/17

Location: Wyangala Country Club, Sixth Ave Wyangala 2808 NSW

The Challenge: Informing landholders of the enormous environmental and social toll of devastating numbers of pest animals and bringing the latest developments from the researchers and industry to the community.

Work undertaken: A series of Pest Animal Control Workshop organised by Invasive Animals CRC, of which HCLG was a hosting partner of one.


  • Representatives from Dept Primary Industries and Local Land Services conveying information direct to landholders
  • Practical demonstrations of set up of pig traps, ripping U fumigating rabbit burrows, to encourage landholders to adopt a number of control actions to manage feral animals.
  • YouTube demonstration of collection of samples of dead rabbits for testing, to enable landholders to send samples away for testing to identify what has caused rabbit death & monitor the spread of the Virus.
  • Introduction to the Feral Scan App & how groups can get involved.

Key achievements:

  • Keeping landholders up to date on latest rabbit virus release & what they can do to identify and encourage spread of calicivirus.
  • Dispersing knowledge about reporting sightings via the Feral Scan App.
  • Encouraging a community approach to feral

Investment and source of fund: This workshop was delivered with funds from Invasive Animals CRC, supported by the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative and K2W. This project contributed the HCLG support officer’s time to assist with organisation & administration of the event.


  • “Thank you excellent information, great presentations”
  • “Very informative, excellent presentations by all guest speakers”
  • “Country high/primary school kids would benefit from Feral Scan promotion. Continue education (public) on feral problems in Australia. Continue pressure on education of new landholders”


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Invasive Animals CRC funded the making of this video.